MN GOP Chair: Thank you MN Senate & House Republicans

Dear Fellow Republicans,

Last week was the one-year mark in which we have been living under unilateral rule by Governor Tim Walz.

Many of our state’s businesses, families, and communities have been adversely impacted by the shut down orders and restrictive capacity constraints; so much so that hundreds of businesses have shuttered their doors permanently and many others are struggling to stay afloat.

Federally, PPP loans were offered to those in need, and did help many of us through tumultuous times; yet now we face a new hurdle. Did you know Minnesota is the only state in the region that is taxing PPP loans?

Earlier this week House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt spoke against taxing PPP loans calling on the Governor “to exempt all PPP loans from taxes.” Republicans in the Senate also passed a proposal “to make all PPP loans tax-free and cut taxes on some unemployment benefits.”

Will our Governor and the Democrats in the MN House do the right thing by Minnesota’s already struggling businesses, families and communities?

We are less than two years away from the opportunity to retire Governor Walz and other heavy-handed Democratic leaders from their offices. This is our focus, mission and where we need to be pointed 100% as a party.

We appreciate all you do and ask for continued unity, togetherness and collaboration. We can’t defeat the Democrats if we expend our energy fighting one another. Let’s remember, our fight is against the left.

We may not agree all the time, but we have more shared values and an interest in leading in a way that is positive and can bring the change our state deserves.

Jennifer Carnahan

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Jennifer Carnahan, Chair
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