MN GOP Around Minnesota Talking Points

House Democrats Block LEO Funding

  • The #DoNothingDemocrats in the Minnesota House continue to block bi-partisan law enforcement funding legislation like the SAFE Account proposal by Rep. Brian Johnson, R-Cambridge, which was endorsed by the Star Tribune, as well as the bipartisan Senate Law Enforcement Operations bill that passed last month.
  • House Democrats can’t even muster up the support for their own Law Enforcement Operations bill — it’s high time they work with Republicans in the House to negotiate a meaningful compromise.

Democrats Continue To Avoid PPP Tax Relief

  • House Democrats are shamefully using our small business community as a bargaining chip yet again as they continue to hold PPP tax relief hostage until the budget gets passed in May.
  • Democrats’ delay of any potential relief until May, well beyond the March 15th business tax deadline, creates more headaches and costs for business owners as they deal with tax preparations and filing extensions.
  • Minnesota is the only state in the region that is taxing PPP loans.
  • The bill passed the Minnesota Senate on a veto-proof 52-12 vote last week, but House Democrats refuse to follow the lead of their counterparts in the Senate and act in bipartisan fashion to get businesses this much-needed relief.

Democrats Avoid PPP Tax Relief While Pushing Tone Deaf Tax Increases

  • With Governor Tim Walz leading the way, Minnesota Democrats are pushing tone deaf tax increases despite a $1.6 billion surplus and $8 billion coming to Minnesota from the federal government.
  • Raising taxes on Minnesotans who are still trying to recover from Governor Walz’s onerous lockdowns while the government sits on piles of cash is unimaginable.
  • Meanwhile, House Democrats continue to hold PPP/UI tax relief hostage, with one top DFLer admitting that the Democratic budget plan includes paying for PPP relief by raising taxes on the very same individuals.