Minnesota Local Party Unit Packet 6/18 – 6/25


National Talking Points

Messaging: Harris Laughs Her Way To The Border

  • Joe Biden and Kamala Harris refuse to stop the border crisis they created.
  • It took Kamala Harris over 90 days after being named border czar to visit the border.
    • Harris’ trip will consist of less than two hours on the ground in El Paso, and the Border Patrol facility she will be touring is actually miles from the physical border.
    • El Paso is secured by the border wall, with the region getting 131 miles of new fencing under the Trump Administration, the most of any of the agency’s 6 border regions.
    • Harris should be visiting the Rio Grande Valley, where over 50,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended in May alone – 128% more than the entire El Paso sector.
  • For months, Harris treated the crisis at the border like it is a joke:
    • Insisted visiting the border would only be a “grand gesture.”
    • Rolled her eyes when asked about the border.
    • Equated going to the border with “play[ing] political games.”
    • Laughed when asked if she would visit the border, saying “not today.”
    • Compared going to the border to going to Europe.
    • Ignored questions about why she wouldn’t visit the border.
  • Because of the Biden-Harris border crisis and open border policies our communities are less safe.
    • Residents of border towns are scared to leave their homes due to surging border crime.
    • Local sheriffs are running out of body bags as they struggle to keep up with the human suffering in their communities.
  • Numbers show the border crisis has only gotten worse.
    • In May, 180,034 illegal immigrants were apprehended trying to cross the border – the highest one-month total in 21 years.
    • This includes 14,158 unaccompanied children.
    • It’s over a 200% increase from the average number of May apprehensions during the Trump administration, and a 674% increase over last May
  • CBP Agents are arresting nearly 6,000 illegal immigrants a day – that’s the highest number in two decades.
  • Border apprehensions have increased every single month that Biden has been president.
    • 711,784 migrants have been caught attempting to illegally cross the border in Biden’s first five months in office.
    • 88,998 migrants who illegally crossed the U.S.-Mexico border have been released into the United States since Biden took office, a stark contrast to the just 18 people who were let go during President Trump’s final full month in office.
    • Illegal immigrants are leaving the border for other parts of the country, often without ID or COVID tests.
  • Human traffickers and drug smugglers are taking advantage of the Biden-Harris open border policies.
    • More deadly fentanyl has been seized so far in 2021 than throughout all of 2020.
    • Intelligence officials have warned individuals with ties to terrorist groups are taking advantage of the “porous border.”
  • While Democrats fail to protect the American people, border state Republican governors are stepping up to protect their constituents.
  • RNC Research: Harris Laughs Her Way To The Border

Messaging: Biden Weaponizes DOJ To Attack Election Integrity

  • Joe Biden is weaponizing the Department of Justice to attack common sense election integrity laws.
  • Democrats failed in their attempt to sell the partisan federal takeover of our elections, so now they are resorting to desperate measures.
  • For months, Joe Biden, Stacey Abrams, and Democrats have repeatedly cited lies about the Georgia voting law.
  • For Democrats, this is about power. They have said so themselves.
  • Despite Democrats’ false narrative, the Georgia voting law expands voting opportunities for Georgia voters.
  • The Georgia voting law:
    • Expands the number of early voting days and hours, including mandating an Early Voting Saturday.
    • Allows the observation of the tabulation, scanning, and duplication of ballots.
    • Allows the preprocessing of ballots prior to Election Day.
    • The Election Night reporting requirements ensure that all ballots must be counted by the end of election night, ensuring voters have results without having to wait days or even weeks.
    • The bill provides for reasonable voter ID requirements when applying for and returning absentee ballots.
    • Voters can provide their Driver’s License number, last four digits of their Social Security number, or a copy of another acceptable form of identification.
    • Stacey Abrams has flip-flopped her stance on voter ID.
    • 75% of voters support voter ID laws, including 60% of Democrats and 69% of Black voters.
    • The bill prohibits ballot harvesting and protects the security of the ballot.
    • Anyone other than an immediate family member is prohibited from being in possession of an electors’ ballot.
    • Ensures absentee ballot drop boxes are designated prior to advance voting, surveilled by county officials, and locked and opened every day of advance voting for added safety and security.
    • Creates transparency by requiring each county to report the number of: absentee ballots issued; the number of absentees returned; the number of absentee rejected; the number of ballots cast during advance voting; number of provisional ballots, number of provisional ballots that have verified or cured and accepted for counting, and the number of provisional ballots that have been rejected.
    • Prohibits collusive settlements between state officials and Democratic attorneys.
    • Increases oversight and ensures competent local election administration.
  • Despite Democrats’ false outrage, the solicitation zone includes the giving of food or water by the proper personnel, not political activists. Election workers are still allowed to provide water and it allows for self-service water stations.
  • The RNC will use every tool and resource to intervene and fight left-wing power grabs and stand up for voter integrity.

Messaging: S.1: Democrats’ Power Grab

  • The S.1 legislation is nothing more than a Democrat power grab – it’s not “for the people,” it’s “for the politicians.”
    • S. 1 would federalize elections, weaponize the Federal Election Commission as a partisan tool of the White House, and make our elections less secure.
  • This far-left election takeover bill would implement unconstitutional federal standards mandating “national rules” the left has long desired, which would force states to:
    • Allow ballot harvesting.
    • Adopt automatic voter registration on short notice, even though past attempts to implement automatic voter registration have led to illegal immigrants being registered and massive registration errors.
    • Grant felons the right to vote in federal elections the moment they leave prison.
    • Eviscerate their commonsense state voter ID laws.
  • Taxpayer dollars would be used to fund the campaigns of career politicians.
    • Under the bill, the federal government would pay politicians’ campaigns up to a 600 percent match for political donations under $200.
    • Taxpayers would be forced to bankroll campaigns they don’t agree with – mostly in states they don’t even live in.
      • The decision to make a political donation should be personal – not mandated by the federal government.
      • Republicans shouldn’t be forced to fund Democrats, and Democrats shouldn’t be forced to fund Republicans.
  • S. 1 takes away state legislatures’ ability to draw congressional districts, forcing states to hand over power to unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats.
  • Election officials and advocacy groups have warned about the damage this partisan legislation would cause.
    • 20 state Attorneys General signed a letter denouncing the bill’s seizure of state and local authority.
    • 16 Secretaries of State called H.R. 1 a “dangerous overreach by the federal government into the administration of elections.”
    • 9 former FEC Commissioners said the bill would transform the bipartisan regulator into a “body subject to, and indeed designed for, partisan control.”
    • More than 130 advocacy organization and non-profit leaders have said H.R. 1 would “dramatically alter the First Amendment protections that Americans have enjoyed since the founding of our country.”
  • The majority of Americans oppose a federal takeover of elections.
    • By a 33 point margin, American voters say S.1 is a bad solution in search of a problem.
      • 68% of voters believe that State legislatures should decide the voting rules and regulations for their state, not the federal government.
    • 69% of Black voters and 75% overall support voter ID laws.
      • 65% of Georgia voters support requiring a driver’s license number to verify absentee ballots.
    • In Georgia, 55% of poll respondents believe that ballot drop boxes should only be allowed “inside early voting sites.”
      • 60% of voters in the State of Georgia also endorse an “earlier deadline to request absentee ballots,” with a cutoff of 11 days instead of four days before Election Day.
  • Election integrity is one of the most critical issues we face as a Party and as a country. We must ensure all Americans have confidence in our elections.
  • When S. 1 fails, Democrats will turn to what they call a “compromise:” H.R. 4. This Stacey Abrams-backed election takeover bill is anything but a compromise. It is another Democrat attempt at a partisan power grab.
  • RNC Research: S. 1 Isn’t For The People, It’s For The Politicians
  • Fox News: Dems continue their assault on election integrity with S1. It’s for pols, not people.
Sample LTE: Give Credit Where It’s Due
WC: 170

For months before taking office, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris circulated massive doubt around the COVID-19 vaccine. They questioned whether a vaccine, if formed under the Trump administration, would be ‘real’ and ‘safe’. They distrusted President Trump’s roll out plan, with Harris even refusing to take a vaccine that was approved before Election Day. Then, they won the presidency. Now, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris travel internationally, taking credit for the massive success of Trump’s Operation Warp Speed while preaching the vaccine’s safety and efficacy. They ignore the fact that they once spread doubt on the vaccine purely because it was being developed under President Trump, and they discount the fact that it was made by President Trump… and approved before Election Day. The truth is, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were the first contributors to COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy. While playing politics and toying with American lives, they incited distrust in the vaccine. Now, they advocate for the vaccine’s efficacy. What changed? The person in the White House, that’s what.


MNGOP Talking Points

  • Rep. Jim Hagedorn presses small business administration after alleged discrimination in restaurant aid.
  • Minnesota Republicans have serious concerns over Biden’s Federal land grab known as the 30×30 initiative.
  • Rep Hagedorn promotes legislation creating opportunity zones in North Mankato.
  • Governor Walz continues to hold Emergency Powers until August 1, Walz has ruled with emergency powers longer than he has without them.
  • House Republicans set to pass eviction off-ramp legislation.
  • MN GOP hosts Campaign School for prospective candidates in Lakeville training and activating local party units.
  • Rep. Fischbach advocates for the protection of the Hyde Amendment preventing taxpayer dollars being used to fund abortions.
  • Republicans push voter ID and provisional balloting, however House DFL votes against legislation.
  • Rep Stauber’s sticks up for hardworking jobs on Minnesota’s iron range as the Biden administration continues to push anti-jobs legislation .
  • House Democrats push reinsurance raising healthcare costs for Minnesotans across the state.

Sample Tweets

” Republican governors are leading a Red State Recovery. 16 of the top 20 states for jobs recovered since the coronavirus pandemic hit are led by Republican governors.”

“Kamala’s visit to El Paso, TX shows she cares more about her political image than about actually solving Biden’s border crisis.”

“El Paso, TX is already secured by a border wall. Kamala chose to go where she wouldn’t have to address the reality of the Biden border crisis instead of the cities that are struggling with an influx of crime.”

“Looking for a major cause of the spike in crime in our nation’s cities? Look no further than the devastating impacts Democrats’ defund the police efforts have had on officer morale.”

Joe Biden’s Border Crisis is Fueling the Opioid Crisis
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