Minnesota Local Party Unit Packet 6/27 – 7/4

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National Talking Points

Messaging: Defund the Police

  • Last year, as cities across the country were burned and looted, Democrats pushed to “defund the police” who risk their lives to keep us safe.
  • White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki falsely claimed Republicans are to blame for defunding the police. Here’s the truth: it is Democrats who call for defunding the police and Democrat-run cities that followed through. Here are just a few:
    • New York
    • Philadelphia
    • Washington, D.C.
    • Baltimore
    • Los Angeles
    • San Francisco
    • Minneapolis
    • Seattle
    • Portland, Oregon
    • Oakland, California
      • Oakland slashed police funding by nearly $18 million. Now, crime is “out of control” with homicides up 90%, carjackings up 88%, and shootings up 70%.
      • Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong warned that the funding cuts will force the department to cut 50 officers and two new police academy classes, even as five officers leave the department every month.
      • Astonishingly, just hours after Armstrong’s warning, armed robbers held up a news crew interviewing Oakland’s head of violence prevention outside city hall.
    • Austin, Texas
    • Hartford, Connecticut
  • Bowing to pressure from “defund the police” Democrats at the local level, more than 20 major cities reduced their police budgets. The result? More violent crime and communities left in shambles.
  • Democrats are hypocrites when it comes to “defund the police.”
  • Democrats want to deny security for you and your family while insisting on special security for themselves.
    • The latest example: Jamaal Bowman, who pushes for “the reallocation of resources” from police, insisted on special police protection for his home.
    • Democrat New York mayoral candidate Maya Wiley, who wants to slash $1 billion from the NYPD, has paid for a private security patrol.
    • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who advocates for “defunding police,” spends thousands on security services.
    • Rep. Ilhan Omar, who has called for dismantling the Minneapolis Police Department, spends thousands on security services.
    • Rep. Ayanna Pressley, who supports defunding the police, calling it a “reckoning,” spends thousands on security services.
    • Rep. Cori Bush, who has repeatedly proclaimed her support for “defund the police,” spends thousands on security services.
    • Rep. Maxine Waters requested a police escort for the SAME TRIP on which she told protestors “to get more confrontational.”
  • During his campaign, Joe Biden said funding should “absolutely” be redirected away from police departments.
  • American small businesses, families, and communities are experiencing the devastating effects of anti-police rhetoric and police department budget cuts at the hands of Democrat politicians.
  • Americans living in Democrat-run cities are suffering from historic and devastating spikes in violent crime:
  • The Democrat elites running their cities into the ground aren’t the people who suffer from their policies. Instead, it’s often the poor and disadvantaged citizens they represent.
  • The vast majority of Americans oppose defunding the police – even with this surge in crime, the Democrat push to defund the police lives on. It’s clear – for Democrat politicians, it’s your safety last, far-left activists first.
  • RNC Research: Biden’s Criminal Negligence

Messaging: Biden-Harris Border Crisis Worsens

  • While Democrats fail to protect the American people, border state Republican governors are stepping up to protect their constituents.
  • Joe Biden and Kamala Harris refuse to stop the border crisis they created – and it’s worse than ever.
  • Harris has been border czar for 100 days and there has been little to no progress on securing our border and keeping our country safe.
  • For months, Harris treated the crisis at the border like it is a joke:
    • Insisted visiting the border would only be a “grand gesture.”
    • Rolled her eyes when asked about the border.
    • Equated going to the border with “play[ing] political games.”
    • Laughed when asked if she would visit the border, saying “not today.”
    • Compared going to the border to going to Europe.
    • Ignored questions about why she wouldn’t visit the border.
  • Because of the Biden-Harris border crisis and open border policies our communities are less safe.
    • Residents of border towns are scared to leave their homes due to surging border crime.
  • Numbers show the border crisis has only gotten worse.
    • In May, 180,034 illegal immigrants were apprehended trying to cross the border – the highest one-month total in 21 years.
    • The number of unaccompanied migrant children encountered at the border per day is increasing.
  • CBP agents recently encountered 530 unaccompanied migrant children in one day, up from the average 300 daily encounters.
    • CBP Agents are arresting nearly 6,000 illegal immigrants a day – that’s the highest number in two decades.
  • Border apprehensions have increased every single month that Biden has been president.
    • 711,784 migrants have been caught attempting to illegally cross the border in Biden’s first five months in office.
    • 88,998 migrants who illegally crossed the U.S.-Mexico border have been released into the United States since Biden took office
      • Just 18 people who were let go during President Trump’s final full month in office.
  • Human traffickers and drug smugglers are taking advantage of the Biden-Harris open border policies.
    • More deadly fentanyl has been seized so far in 2021 than throughout all of 2020.
    • Intelligence officials have warned individuals with ties to terrorist groups are taking advantage of the “porous border.”

Messaging: S.1: June Jobs Report

  • The unemployment rate rose in June to 5.9%, and it has barely budged since Biden took office, hovering around 6% – far too high for America’s workers.
    • The unemployment rates for women, Blacks, Hispanics and Latinos, Asian Americans, and workers without a high school or college degree all went up in June.
  • It is good that 850,000 Americans got their jobs back, but this is in spite of Biden’s policies, not because of them.
    • Much of the progress being made is clearly because of an end to the Democrats’ disastrous lockdown policies.
    • At the current pace under Biden, the economy will not recover all the jobs lost due to the pandemic until June 2022.
    • This number comes after two straight months of disastrous jobs reports where hundreds of thousands of predicted jobs failed to materialize.
  • 4.6 million Americans are still working part-time due to economic reasons.
  • 6.7 million, or 30 percent, of the jobs lost since the coronavirus pandemic began have still not been recovered.
  • There are 9.5 million unemployed American workers, a number that rose in June.
  • Republican Governors are ending Biden and Democrats’ policy of paying Americans more not to work, which is surely helping get workers back off the sidelines.
    • At least 25 states – all with Republican governors – have announced they will end this harmful policy, helping Americans get back to work and businesses hire.
    • Far too many businesses are struggling to hire and re-open while workers are struggling to get their jobs back because of Biden’s policies.
  • As American workers and businesses are still struggling to recover, and as families are facing rising prices, now is not the time for Biden’s $3 trillion tax hike and $6 trillion government spending spree.
  • Biden’s “enhanced” unemployment benefits are holding back the economy and incentivizing Americans not to go back to work.

MNGOP Talking Points

  • Minnesota Senate and House Republicans successfully negotiate an end of Gov. Walz Emergency Powers.
  • Despite having to negotiate through radical proposals by Minnesota Democrats, Minnesota Republicans successfully avoid a government shutdown.
  • Rep Fischbach advocates for preserving the Hyde Amendment to protect life in-spite of Biden administration push to remove the amendment.
  • Governor Walz pushes for power to declare another peacetime emergency unilaterally through late night negotiations.
  • House and Senate Republicans successfully avoid new any tax raises on Minnesotans
  • MN GOP to host Summer Retreat at Madden’s on Gull Lake July 9-10.
  • Rep. Hagedorn advocates for expanding opportunity zones to help promote economic development in Minnesota.
  • Rep. Emmer advocates for American Crypto innovation in the House Financial Services Committee.
  • Rep Stauber’s co-sponsors legislation giving members of our armed services free access to state and federal parks.
  • House Democrats and Senate Democrats continue to push their radical "Defund the Police" narrative.

Sample Tweets

" Kamala has now been border czar for 100 days. Even with her trip down to Texas, she has still not been to the epicenter of the Biden border crisis. Americans deserve better. "

"The number of unaccompanied migrant children encountered at the border per day is increasing. Yet Biden and Harris sit back and act as if the crisis at the border isn’t their fault."

"Unemployment rose, yet again, and hit a new level at 5.9%. Another month, another disappointing jobs report under Joe Biden."

100 days of Kamala Harris failures
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