Power Play in Plain Sight

Power Play in Plain Sight

Monopolistic Malarkey
Aggressive Progressives
What do these current initiatives have in common?:

What & Why
– Rig progressive Judiciary Branch
-Open Borders (just not anti-communist Cuban refugees)- Rig epic Dem registration drive
-‘Voting Rights’– Rig laws to elect more progressives
-Filibuster ‘Reform’– Rig Senate rules for more progressive Legislative Branch
-Statehood– Rig laws for more progressive Legislative Branch
-Critical Race Theory– Groom future progressives without parental consent

Historic Heist
More ambitious than ever before, aggressive progressives are using the current window of opportunity to plant the seeds for permanent power.

Gaslight in Plan Sight
With the help of grand-scale gaslighting and accomplices across elite institutions, liberals continue their unprecedented power-grab in plain sight. Because Democracy Dies in Darkness, such blatant brazenness would not be possible without the tireless complicity of Big Tech/Media’s favorable framing, blind eyes — not to mention their handy ability to disappear inconvenient news, as well as silence all obstacles as racists, conspiracy theorists, or both.

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